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Associate Development, Training & Mentoring

At McCormick Barstow, we believe mentoring relationships and training programs are critical to the evolution of a successful legal career.

We place a high priority on professional development and support, both formalized and on-the-job. A first-year associate will begin his or her career at McCormick Barstow by participating in general orientation and training programs focused on topics including professional ethics, client service and time-management.

Further, we offer an extensive schedule of in-house training programs throughout the year that are aimed at educating our new lawyers and keeping our experienced lawyers current in their fields. For example, we host a firm-wide orientation day where all first year and recent lateral attorney hires come to Fresno for a day-long training followed by dinner at a partner’s home. With many partners in attendance to serve as advisors, intensive formal training takes place, as well as informal mentoring and coaching.

Of course, the professional development that takes place day-to-day is invaluable. Lawyers with specialties in different areas work cooperatively, sharing their knowledge, and senior attorneys give associates instruction, guidance and feedback on an ongoing, informal basis.

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