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Associate Evaluations & Feedback

Constructive feedback from experienced colleagues is one of the most valuable learning tools you will ever encounter. To enhance the professional growth and development of our associates, McCormick Barstow has a performance evaluation system that is intended to provide associates with clear and specific feedback on their performance. Our evaluation system includes an associate self-evaluation questionnaire, written evaluation forms and training for partners on how to conduct meaningful performance reviews. We also provide training for associates on how to get the most out of their review session.

Associates receive two reviews: a mid-year review in April and a second review in October. We currently evaluate each associate's performance based on the criteria set forth below:

  • Professional Competencies

    • Written and Oral Communication

    • Research and Analytical Ability

    • Creativity and Flexibility

    • Judgment

    • Professional Ethics

    • Crisis Management

  • Work Ethic

  • Interpersonal Skills

  • Client Interactions

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