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Staff Hiring Process

If you are interested in applying for an administrative position at McCormick Barstow you should send a copy of your resume, cover letter, and salary history to Lisa Polm, Training & Staff Recruiting Specialist. We review each application we receive regardless of whether there is a position open at that time. We start the interview process with a phone screening interview. After the initial phone screening process, if you meet the basic qualifications for the position you will be asked to come in to the office for a full round of interviews. During your callback interview you will meet with anywhere from 2-5 people. After the callback interview there is a chance you will be asked to return to the office for a final round of interviews. Once we have completed the callback interview process with each applicant we will make our final decision and extend an offer to the most qualified candidate.


Prior to your interview you will be provided with a list of the individuals you will be meeting with. We encourage you to research the staff and attorneys so you can better understand their role at the firm. Bio’s for our attorneys can be found on our website.

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