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Insured's actions of trimming trees and building encroaching fence were not accidental and therefore not covered, even if she believed in good faith that she was entitled to engage in such actions


The term "malice" as used in policy exclusion should be interpreted in its plain, ordinary sense as opposed to a "malice in law" definition


 Intellectual property rights exclusion is clear and conspicuous and applies to bar claims arising out of the right of publicity


Summary judgment was properly granted in favor of primary insurer when underlying action alleged only intentional acts and the policy's coverage for both bodily injury and personal injury required an "occurrence," but was improperly granted as to umbrella insurer that provided broader coverage


Product recalls in general are not necessarily covered under a product tampering and accidental contamination policy, especially where contamination does not result in or is not likely to result in symptoms of bodily injury


 Delayed assertion of the right to rescind may constitute a waiver of the right to do so


Where an indemnitee settles a third party claim and subsequently seeks to recover from the indemnitor, the indemnitee may present evidence acquired post-settlement and is not limited to the underlying plaintiff's evidence of liability. 


Trial Court's Denial of Insurer's Motion For Summary Judgment On The Ground That The Insurer Did Not Meet Its Initial Burden Of Production To Make A Prima Facie Showing Of No Triable Issues Of Material Fact Insufficient To Establish Duty To Defend.


Notice Of Abatement Is Not A "Lien, Defect Or Encumbrance" Under A Title Insurance Policy


Supreme Court Decertifies Baek v. Cont'l Cas. Co. (2015) 230 Cal.All.4th 356, Which Held That Alleged Sexual Assault By Massage Therapist Was Not Within Therapist's Scope Of Employment For Insurance Purposes