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Lack Of Coverage Acknowledgment By Insurer Entitles Insured To Conditional Award Of Replacement Cost For Building Loss Even Though Insured Has Not Made Any Repairs


Insured Lender's Release of Its Insured Lien Terminates The Insurer's Potential Liability Under A Lender's Title Insurance Policy


Alleged Sexual Assault By Massage Therapist Was Not Within Therapist's Scope Of Employment And Did Not Give Rise To Duty To Defend 


"Insurable Interest" Requirements Of Insurance Code §280 and 11580.6 Preclude Auto Liability Insurers From Eliminiating Bodily Injury Coverage For Claims By Resident, Non-Relatives of A Named Insured Pursuant To insurance Code 11580.1(c)(5)


Employment-Related Practices Exclusion Precludes Coverage For Alleged False Imprisonment of Employees 


Trial Court Commits Reversible Error In Refusing To Instruct Jury On Role Of Insurance Producer As Agent Or Broker 


Exclusion Precluding Liability of "Any Assured" Prohibits Recovery by Innocent Co-Insureds under Arizona Law.  



Standardized "Personal And Advertising" Liability Coverage For "Disparagement" Not Triggered Absent A False Or Misleading Statement Which: (1) Specifically Refers To The Plaintiff's Product Or Business; And (2) Clearly Derogates That Product Or Business


Definition Of "Employee" In Commercial Auto Truckers Liability Insurance Policy Controls Over Definition In Federal Regulations Where Policy Does Not Contain MCS-90 Endorsement


Insurance Adjuster Can Be Independently Liable For Negligent Misrepresentation And Intentional Infliction Of Emotional Distress