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Insurance Adjuster Can Be Independently Liable For Negligent Misrepresentation And Intentional Infliction Of Emotional Distress  

UNDERLYING CLAIM  North Counties Engineering and its president (collectively "NCE") were insured under a State Farm business liability policy which was renewed continuously from 1991 to at least 2004. NCE designed a dam and performed some of the...

A Property Insurer Must Notify A Home Builder Of A Construction Defect Which Causes Insured Damage Before Making Repairs As A Prerequisite To A Subrogation Claim Against That Builder 


FAIR Plan Is Not Obligated To Provide Coverage Broader Than The Statutory Standard Form Fire Insurance Policy


Food Truck Qualifies As "Mobile Equipment," Not "Auto," For Determining Coverage Under Commercial General Liability Policy For Products Liability Claim


When Additional Insured Seeks Coverage, Its Objectively Reasonable Expectation, And Not That Of The Named Insured, Is The Relevant Inquiry For The Court In Resolving Ambiguity


An Individual Who Does Not Qualify As An Insured Under Uninsured Motorist ("UM") Coverage, But Is An Insured Under Policy Liability Coverage, Is Not Entitled To UM Benefits.


Use Of Motor Vehicle Exclusion In Homeowners Policy Applies To A Loss Claiming Negligent Supervision Of A Child


Punitive damages award in favor of insured against his insurer reduced on appeal following appellate court's finding that the amount of the original punitive award exceeded the maximum constitutionally defensible ratio (10:1) under the facts and circumstances of the case.


An insurer which declines to provide independent counsel pursuant to Civil Code § 2860 has no duty to reimburse any other insurer that does provide such independent counsel, when there is no duty to provide independent counsel.