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Based on a recent Court of Appeal decision, subcontractors should exercise considerable care in selecting their products that are incorporated into a home, commercial building, and most likely, any work of improvement.  


McCormick Barstow attorney Niki Cunningham discusses whether customer lists can be protected as trade secrets.  

This article was first published in the Association of Defense Counsel's Comment Magazine Summer 2015 issue and reprinted here with permission.


McCormick Barstow partner Mandy L. Jeffcoach explains the impact of a recent California Court of Appeal decision on a public entity’s ability to withhold retentions.


McCormick Barstow attorney Kelley B. Lowe discusses a recent United States Supreme Court ruling on whether the issue of tacking rests properly within the hands of a jury.


McCormick Barstow partner Christina Tillman lays out what steps employers must take to comply with California's “Healthy Workplaces, Healthy Families Act."


McCormick Barstow partner Timothy R. Sullivan outlines the new statute and points to consider.


McCormick Barstow partner Timothy R. Sullivan illustrates what the Chubb decision means for real property/CERCLA practitioners.  


McCormick Barstow partner Timothy R. Sullivan lays out the coverage issues in St. Cyr v California FAIR Plan Ass'n - of special interest to property owners in high fire-risk areas.


McCormick Barstow partner Timothy R. Sullivan examines the Judicial Council's new form interrogatories for construction litigation.


If it is done correctly, an employer can require an employee to agree to waive his/her right to a jury trial and submit all employment-related disputes to binding arbitration as a condition of employment.  But can an arbitration clause also waive the employees’ right to bring or participate in a class action?